Weekly Focus

Imagine if a Dinapoli Levels Expert mentored you, every single week.Would you be able to learn how to apply DiNapoli Levels more effectively?
This is what I wish I had when I began my journey with DiNapoli Levels.

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What’s “Weekly Focus”?

I trade the Financial markets each week. I look at emini S&P futures market, US equity markets and stocks, and occasionally i look at forex, commodity futures, and even crypto currencies. The criteria for my involvement is defined by Liquidity. The more liquid a market is, the better our Techniques work, and when a particular market is set up in a particular way, that is when I want to get involved. My approach to preparing for each trading week remains the same. My focus, however, in terms of which market I look at, and which trading time frame, tends to differ each week.

Weekly Focus will give you ‘behind the shoulder’ access to how a Dinapoli Expert prepare for the trading week each week. It will also help you to zone in on particular markets that you might want to focus on.

Subscribe to Weekly Focus - $77/mo

Why should I be subscribed to Weekly Focus?

- You can learn first hand how to apply our dlevel techniques to current markets,
- You have a guide to what is ‘In Focus’ in the markets each week!

There are a million things happening each week, in the financial markets. In the midst of this chaos, you need to apply some level of FOCUS, to what you are doing.

“Luck Is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity”
– Seneca

Is Weekly Focus for me?

If you are an active trader or an investor and you understand that opportunity goes to those who are well prepared… then the answer is YES!

Weekly Focus will help you bridge your preparation with capturing market opportunities.

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