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Trading with DiNapoli Levels


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"All the great traders I have known for the last so many years that have really made money, have taken your course. It looks like the book follows your course perfectly.


“ Trading with DiNapoli Levels is not just about Fibonacci Analysis. It’s much more than that. It’s a veritable treasure-trove of golden nuggets that every trader – who wants to be successful – should pay heed.”

Neal Hughes


" Trading with DiNapoli Levels is written to cater to the perspectives of all trading styles, whether you are a long-term mutual-fund investor, a daily or weekly position speculator, or an intraday tick-by-tick scalper. "

John F. Netto


" Joe DiNapoli is the Patriarch of Fibonacci analysis. His book profoundly influenced my trading style along with a generation of hedge fund managers, proprietary traders, and individual investors. "

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Watch Joseph AuXano trade the markets in "Live' Trading Environment, and witness how you can utilise the Power of Advance Fibonacci Techniques, to consistently nail market turning points!


Here are some Key Features within the  Onboarding Video Series.


Welcome to my Trading Room

In this video lesson, we will show you my trading room setup, where you will learn how trading really is like!

The Lifestyle of a Trader, how the markets really work, the DiNapoli Trading methodology, are also discussed in more detail, in the "DiNapoli Trader Onboarding Course"

Learn about Advance Fibonacci  Techniques

( DiNapoli Levels )

Hear directly from the GodFather of Fibonacci Trading, Joe DiNapoli, as he shares more about the DiNapoli Trading Approach.

Experience how Day Trading really is like, with LIVE TRADE EXAMPLES!

DiNapoli Academy Online Program is designed by Traders for Traders. Many of the Trade examples under discussion are current market events, where actual trades were being done, some of them recorded LIVE so these are not discussions based on theory.

You will never approach trading the markets in the same way again after you learn about the Power of our Leading Indicators, which has been taught to Traders around the world for the past 40 years.


All The Tools You Need To Trade Successfully using Advance Fibonacci Techniques.

Leading Indicators include :

1. DiNapoli Retracement Analysis

2. DiNapoli Expansion Analysis

3. MACD Predictor

4. Oscillator Predictor

5. Displaced moving Averages

6. Power Patterns

7. Multi-timeframe Analysis

What You will learn from the Onboarding Program?


The workings of the market and how trading really is like.

Exclusive Interviews with Joe DiNapoli

Learn about the Trading methodology

Market Manipulation Secret Tapes

How to use Advance Fibonacci Techniques to nail major market turning points.

DiNapoli Charting on Trading View Platform ( NEW & under development )

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