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Trading with DiNapoli Levels is pre-requisite reading for every trader looking to gain an edge over the markets, using advance fibonacci techniques.

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Step 1 : Weekly Focus

Start building market experience with the application of our DiNapoli Techniques to Real Markets!


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Nothing beats acquiring Real Experience.

You become a painter by painting. You become a Trader by Trading.

However, to do so without guidance can be Financially Devastating. We are here to help!

Step 2 : DiNapoli Academy Program

The Unique combination of the Book and Online Course promises to be a Game Changer in your quest to Mastering DiNapoli Trading Techniques.

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Concepts taught in the book are further expanded upon visually with updated charts.

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Let me guide you every step of the way, in your journey as a DiNapoli Trader.

Step 3 : DiNapoli Masterclass

Nothing can replace Learning in a workshop enviroment, when DiNapoli Traders trade and learn together.

Combines the benefits of a standard P-sem with Live Trading of an advance P-sem.


When you put yourself in a Live Trading Enviroment, around Skilled Traders and True Masters, you cannot help but Learn.

You are the result of the 6 people you surround yourself with. When you put yourself in a room of experienced DiNapoli Traders, you become a DiNapoli Trader.

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