How does the financial markets really work?
How does one become a professional trader?
What it is like to be a day trading the markets?
Should I be a day trader or a longer term investor?
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"All the great traders I have known for the last so many years that have really made money, have taken your course. It looks like the book follows your course perfectly."
- Dr George C. Lane,
“ Trading with DiNapoli Levels is not just about Fibonacci Analysis. It’s much more than that. It’s a veritable treasure-trove of golden nuggets that every trader – who wants to be successful – should pay heed.”
– Louis Mendelsohn,
" Trading with DiNapoli Levels is written to cater to the perspectives of all trading styles, whether you are a long-term mutual-fund investor, a daily or weekly position speculator, or an intraday tick-by-tick scalper. "
- Neal Hughes
" Joe DiNapoli is the Patriarch of Fibonacci analysis. His book profoundly influenced my trading style along with a generation of hedge fund managers, proprietary traders, and individual investors. "
- John F. Netto,
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